2.3. Запрос, требование

2.3. Запрос, требование

Цель таких писем – получить информацию, помощь etc, т.е. некое желательное для Вас действие со стороны Вашего адресата.

План письма

1. Дайте ссылку на источник, из которого Вы получили информацию о компании.

I am writing to enquire about the reduced flights to Zambia which you advertised in yesterday’s «Morning Post».

Я пишу Вам по поводу дешевых рейсов в Замбию, реклама которых была во вчерашней «Morning Post».

You were recommended to us by Dr. Mary Stuart from Washington DC. With reference to our phone call of yesterday, we would like more detailed information about your service.

Вас рекомендовала Mary Stuart из Washington DC. Согласно нашему вчерашнему телефонному разговору мы бы хотели получить больше информации об услугах, предлагаемых Вашей компанией.

2. Представьте коротко себя, свою фирму.

Our company is a subsidiary of Mini World Trade Organization and we specialize in …

Наша компания является филиалом Mini World Trade Organization, и мы специализируемся на…. (в области….).

We are one of the main producers of industrial chemicals in Russia, and we are interested in…

Мы являемся одним из ведущих производителей промышленных химикалиев в России и заинтересованы в...

Our company, which is affiliate to the National Credit Holding, is mainly concerned with…

Наша компания, которая входит в состав холдинга National Credit, главным образом занята в...

3. Объясните, почему Вы пишете это письмо, выразите Ваш интерес.

I am interested in taking a course in English for academic purposes.

Я бы хотел взять курс английского языка для академических целей…

We would like to know more about the physics laboratory equipment you advertised in the last issue of Physics Today.

Мы бы хотели узнать больше об оборудовании для физической лаборатории, объявление о котором Вы сделали в последнем выпуске Physics Today.

We are planning the reorganization of our e-business and would like some information about…

Мы планируем реорганизацию нашего электронного бизнеса и хотели бы получить больше информации о ……

4. Объясните, что бы Вы хотели получить от адресата.

I would be grateful for detailed information about this trip. Would it be possible to fly via Peking? Does a Russian citizen need a visa?

Я был бы благодарен за подробную информацию об этом путешествии. Можно ли лететь через Пекин? Нужна ли виза российским гражданам?

Could you therefore send us your prospectus and details of the computer requirements?

Не могли бы Вы прислать нам Ваши проспекты и перечень требований, предъявляемых к компьютеру?

5. Закончите письмо стандартной фразой.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Надеемся на Ваш скорый ответ.

We would be grateful for an early reply.

Надеемся на Ваш скорый ответ.

Thank you for your attention. We hope to hear from you in the near future.

Благодарим Вас за Ваше внимание. Надеемся на Ваш скорый ответ.

We would like to point out that delivery before August 1 is essential and hope that you can offer us this guarantee.

Мы бы хотели подчеркнуть, что для нас чрезвычайно важна доставка до 1 августа, и надеемся, что Вы непременно можете выполнить это условие.

Thanking in advance for your help.

Заранее благодарим за Вашу помощь.

6. Подпись, имя и должность автора письма.

Пример 1. Запрос информации о мобильных телефонах для розничной продажи в Москве.

Dear Sir/Madam

We are writing in answer to your advertisement for the Noriksson-2000 mobile phones in the May edition of Telecommunication Equipment.

As one of the largest wireless phones companies in Russia, we are interested in retailing of this model.

Could you please send us your latest catalogue and price list, including details of quantity discounts, service available, together with your Noriksson promotion video film?

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,


M. Ermolova.

Managing Director

Пример 2. Запрос в гостиницу для проведения конференции.

Dear Sir or dear Madam,

We are the Organization Committee of the «Anti-Macrosoft Monopoly Conference». The Conference should be held in the first half of July, 2004, and will last four days.

We are expecting approximately 350 people to attend the Conference.

We would be grateful if you would answer the following questions:

• could you provide three smaller conference halls to run parallel sessions?

• could you organize a conference banquet and a welcome cocktail?

• is there are a shuttle bus service between the hotel and Reading railway station?

• should we book separately for the lunches, coffee breaks and dinners?

• what facilities could our participant use?

Please send us your booklets, price list and let us know the kind of discounts you can offer.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Prof. K.Matroskin,

Conference Committee


Пример 3. Запрос о программе по студенческому обмену.

Dear Sir

Please could you send me your AMB tutorial program with details of your student exchange scheme?

Yours faithfully,

Пример 4. Запрос о количестве студентов, записавшихся на курс.

Dear Prof. Mouse

Please could you let us know how many of your students will be attending your introductory course in May 2004?


Пример 5. Запрос информации о косметическом продукте, рекламируемом в женском журнале.

Dear Sirs

Please could you send us details of your «Double Skin Care» which were advertised in the June edition of «Lady’s Dream» magazine?

We are particularly interested in the retailer’s discount and delivery conditions.

Faithfully yours,

Пример 6.

Запрос о стоимости гостиницы и подтверждении резервации места.

Dear Sirs

Please reserve single room with bath for Mrs Ann Smith for April 1-4. Mrs Smith, Managing Director of the Candia Ltd., will arrive at the hotel at approximately 5 p.m. on April 1.

While in Boston, Mrs Smith will meet with six partners of the Candia Ltd. She would like to reserve the use of a small conference room for the morning of April 2 from 8.30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Please let us know the rates for both Mrs Smith accommodation and the conference room and confirm this reservation.

Truly yours,

Пример 7. Запрос на завод по производству компакт-дисков.

Dear Mr Simon

With reference to our telephone conversation of today, we would like more detailed information about your service.

Our join venture LEXIS.RU Ltd. – Smart Soft Inc. specializes in educational software development.

Since our business is expanding in Europe, we are interested in long term contacts with European CD’s manufacturers.

We would therefore appreciate if you could send us price list for the following order:

1. Two software products CD, each title 1’000 copies, 2’000 copies totally,

2. Digi-box packaging (full color), 215mm x 150mm x 15mm

3. Three colors images on each CD,

4. Registration card ( black and white image, size of digi– box),

5. Booklet (full colors, 4 sheets, size of digi– box),

6. Shipment to Moscow and London.

We have prepared the computer (CorelDraw 6.0-8.0) design of all items mentioned above. We would be grateful if you could indicate your e-mail address to send it to you immediately. Or please let us know how to transfer it to you.

We would be also grateful if you would send us information about service you can provide and exact requirement for each item listed above as well as time required to fulfill this order.

In the mean time we are kindly inviting you to visit our Internet home pages to learn about our companies and its product lines.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon,

Sincerely yours,


Arina Rodionova

Managing Director

Запрос информации по присланному продукту

Если Вы получили информацию по продуктам и услугам из любых других источников – объявления в газете, журнале, по телевидению, в Интернете, и т.д., то в таком случае дополнительную информацию можно запросить в следующем письме.

Пример 8. Запрос информации после рекламы продукта в газете.

Dear Mrs Nixon

I learned about your product through advertisement in New York Post. I found your products fascinating, and am writing to you to obtain answers to a few questions I have regarding «Smart Styler».

Перечень вопросов.

For your convenience, please feel free to jot your answers to my questions on this letter and return it to me in the enclosed stamped, self addressed envelope. Please also send me any brochures available on the «Smart Styler» and other related products which you merchandise.

Thank you in advance for your prompt reply.

Very truly yours,


M. Petrov

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