Cabbages and kings О-6

Candle in the wind Т-119

(The) cat that walked by himself К-78

(The) catcher in the rye С-334

C’est si bon О-99

(The) century of the common man У-8

Cet obscur objet du d?sir Н-211

Chance for Peace Л-232

(Le) charme discret de la bourgeoisie Н-170

Chewing gum for the eyes Б-291

(The) China Syndrome Н-87

Ciao, bambino, sorry! К-266

Cien anos de soledad Г-64

Citius, altius, fortius! Ан-230

City Lights Н-126

(The) clash of civilisations Х-14

(Le) client n’a jamais tort С-54

(A) Clockwork Orange Б-113

Close Encounters of the Third Kind Н-20

(Le) Cocu magnifique К-230

Cold peace Л-251

Cold war Б-50

Come home, America Ан-225

Comin’ in on a wing and a pray’r А-18

Conceptual Art Ф-45

(La) condition humain М-34

Consumer society И-26

(El) coronel no quien le escriba Г-63

Corridors of power С-149

(The) customer is always right С-54

Czlowiek z ?elaza Н-198

Cyberspace Г-92

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