Sag mir, wo die Blumen sind? С-85

(Le) salaire de la peur А-88

Sale guerre Б-71

Samizdat Г-122

Save Our Souls Ан-559

Say It With Flowers О-15

Science Fiction Г-86

(Lo) scopone scientifico Н-79

(The) second oldest profession С-90

Sedotta e abbandonata Н-175

Seid bereit! Б-23

(The) Self-fulfilling prophecy М-441

Sempento Maria Н-149

Sendero luminoso Н-166

(The) seven pillars of wisdom Л-288

Sex & druggs & rok & roll Д-125

(The) sexual revolution Ан-547

Shock and Awe У-7

Shock therapy Ан-606

Shoot first, ask guestions later Г-77

(The) show must go on Ан-521

Shuttle diplomacy Ан-595

Silence of the Lambs Х-31

Silent Spring К-28

Silentium universi Ф-32а

(The) simple art of murder Ч-2

Sla forat, Frede! Н-17

S?awa i chwa?a И-23

Sleeping with the enemy П-197

Small is beautiful Ш-111

Smrt si ?ik? Engelchen М-502

Snake in the tunnel Ш-64

Soap opera Ан-454

Soft underbelly of Europe Ч-33

(A) Soldier of the Great War Known unto God Ан-463

Soldаt inconnu Ан-463

Some Like It Hot Н-118

(The) son of the wild Л-280

Songe d’automne Д-44

(The) sound and the fury Ф-54

Sozialen Marktwirtschaft М-525

(A) Space Odyssey Н-90

Spaceship Earth Ф-7

(The) spirit of Geneva Э-9

(A) splendid little war П-128

(The) spy who came in from the cold Л-89

Staatsb?rger in Uniform Б-246

Stairway to heaven П-91

Star dust П-12

(A) Star Is Born Н-70

Star Wars Н-71

Status totalitario М-522

Stawka wi?ksza ni? ?ycie З-32

Sternstunde der Menschen Ц-3

Stop the music Х-25

Stop the World, I Want to Get Off Н-217

Strangers in the Night К-44

(The) strength of the strong Л-284

Suicide Doctor Ан-378

Summa technologiae Л-92

Summing up М-519

(Die) S?nde wider Blut und Rasse Г-106а

(The) Super-powers Ф-51

Sweet smell of success Л-94

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